Recipe Ideas

Merritt Farm Lavender smells and tastes great but remember, a little goes a long way as our flowers are double the essential oil content of standard lavender.  Fresh lavender flowers add beautiful color to salads.  Mix fresh or dried lavender flowers with sea salt and a few drops of your favorite cooking oil for storage in a tightly sealed container to toss with salads or stir fry. 

Flowers can be put in sugar and sealed tightly for a couple of weeks then the sugar can be substituted for ordinary sugar in a cake or custard.  Grind dried lavender buds in a herb or coffee grinder or mash with mortar and pestle before using in recipes.  The spikes and leaves of lavender can be used in most dishes in place of rosemary.  Use stems for making kabobs.  Just skewer your favorite fruit or shrimp on stems which have been previously soaked in water and grill. 

Fresh flowers look beautiful and taste good too in a glass of champagne, with chocolate cake or as a garnish for sorbet or ice cream.  Lavender lends itself to savory dishes from hearty stews to wine-reduced sauces and adds wonderful fragrance and flavor to custard, flan or sorbet. 

  Most flowers from florists, nurseries or garden centers have been treated with pesticides.  To order chemical-free lavender, call 541.347.7190 or click on 'Products' to order bulk dried lavender buds online .

From our cookbook,
"The Lavender Lady Cooks" :

Sweet Annie’s Herb Nursery

1 ½ c. butter (no substitutes)
2 1/3 c. flour
2/3 c. sugar
½ c. cornstarch
2 TB. finely chopped lavender flowers
¼ tsp. salt
1 TB. chopped fresh mint

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  In a large bowl, cream together butter, sugar, lavender & mint; mix until light & fluffy.  Add flour, cornstarch & salt.  Beat until combined.  Divide dough in half.  Flatten into squares & wrap in plastic.  Chill until firm.  On a floured board, roll or pat out each square to a thickness of 3/8”.  Cut the dough into 1 ½ “ squares or rounds.  Transfer to baking sheet, spacing cookies about 1” apart.  Prick each cookie several times with a fork.  Bake 20-25 min. until pale golden (do not brown).  Cool slightly, then transfer to a rack.  You can then sprinkle them with lavender powdered sugar.  Store in tin cookie boxes or sealed containers.

LAVENDER SUGAR:  Put a few lavender flowers in a jar with powdered sugar to infuse overnight before using.